Sweetened Buns

Our menu is wide in its range of items, including popular “Custard cream ~our Recommendation~,” “Sweet biscuit bun KITAYAMA style” and new products of the season.

  • Dark cherry pastry

    Dark cherry pastry

    Croissant dough using cultured butter baked with compote of dark cherries and home-cooked custard cream on top. Topped with pistachios as a delectable finish.

  • Custard cream ~our Recommendation~

    Custard cream ~our Recommendation~

    Concentrated homemade custard cream wrapped with rich brioche dough. This is a hot-selling Shinshindo item.
    *Don’t forget to eat it on the day of your purchase.

  • Sweet biscuit bun KITAYAMA style

    Sweet biscuit bun KITAYAMA style

    he ultimate melon-shaped sweet biscuit bun born in Kitayama, with crispy-baked biscuit dough and a fragrant aroma of rum. “Alsace Rhum Patissier,” rum of Wolfberger Distillateur, France, is used.

  • Pain aux Raisins

    Pain aux Raisins

    Almond cream containing custard and rum-soaked raisins rolled into a croissant dough.

  • Croquant banana, walnut

    Croquant banana, walnut

    A lot of banana chips and walnuts mixed in dough and finished for an easy-to-eat sweetness with a glazed coating.

  • Cheese cream inside

    Cheese cream inside

    Danish dough baked with cheese cream nestled inside.

  • Bean jam inside

    Bean jam inside

    Coarse sweet red bean paste wrapped with plump dough.

  • Five kinds of beans on top

    Five kinds of beans on top

    Bean sweet bun with five different kinds of Kanoko beans (syrup-soaked beans) mixed in a soft sweet bun dough.