Our sandwiches are made by hand in our “Central Kitchen,” our dedicated “Sandwich Factory.” Enjoy deliciousness of our homemade-specialty filling and bread.

  • Egg salad

    Egg salad

    Our simply sandwiched homemade “moderately boiled egg salad.” Enjoy egg salad having a perfectly-arranged texture, not too loose and not too mashed.

  • Boneless ham, fresh onion

    Boneless ham, fresh onion

    Boneless ham, onions, and mustard mayonnaise sandwiched in a crisp Kaiser.

  • Egg salad, boneless ham

    Egg salad, boneless ham

    We offer two kinds of mixed sandwiches - moderately boiled egg salad, tomatoes and lettuce, and boneless ham and cucumbers.

  • Sirloin ham, pickles

    Sirloin ham, pickles

    Loin roll ham, cheese cream, lettuce and homemade pickles sandwiched in “Multi grain bread (mulukhiya, black sesame, etc.).”

  • Pork cutlet, cabbage

    Pork cutlet, cabbage

    Easy-to-eat half-sized sandwich of soft and aged fried pork cutlet with house sauce containing plenty of ketchup, cabbage and green leaves.