Western Confectionery

Western confectionery is made by hand one by one in the “Confectionery Factory,” dedicated to making Western confectionery. You can casually enjoy the taste of authentic French confectionery lightly.

  • Tarte au fromage

    Tarte au fromage

    New York style cheesecake using cream cheese made in New Zealand. Enjoy the mild sour taste and smooth texture of the cheese.

  • Gateau au chocolat

    Gateau au chocolat

    We use dark chocolate from Callebaut, Belgium to enhance the deliciousness. This chocolate has a good balance of bitterness and sweetness, having a delicate aroma of vanilla and the unmistakable presence of cacao.

  • Tarte aux poires

    Tarte aux poires

    Crunchy pear and homemade almond cream that go great together.

  • Macaron chocolate

    Macaron chocolate

    Homemade butter cream combined with cacao mass (100%) and chocolate morsels.

  • Cannelé de Bordeaux

    Cannelé de Bordeaux

    A traditional confectionery from Bordeaux, France, having a rich aroma of rum. Dough using milk, sugar, eggs, butter, brown butter, vanilla beans, and rum prepared for three days, and carefully baked for one hour.