French Bread

These are our French breads that Shinshindo recommends with confidence, including our famous Retro-baguette “1924.” A pleasant and rich flavor that spreads throughout your mouth as you chew it.

  • Trois fromages

    Trois fromages

    This combination of three kinds of cheese (Gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese and red cheddar cheese) creates a rich flavor.

  • Our famous Retro-baguette “1924”

    Our famous Retro-baguette “1924”

    Shinshindo’s leading product. Crisp on the outer surface, but moist, soft and slightly salty in the middle. The more you chew it, the more widely the original sweetness of wheat spreads throughout your mouth.

  • Baguette


    This baguette, the pride of Shinshindo, is also served in many hotels and restaurants. Dedicated flour for high-class French bread is used, and the dough is carefully leavened. The appeal of the bread is its rich and fragrant aroma and pleasant flavor that expands as you chew it. It is a perfect fit for not only French cuisine but also meat and fish dishes.

  • Pain de campagne “Quotidien”

    Pain de campagne “Quotidien”

    Traditional hard-baked bread of France. Stone-ground flour and whole-grain rye are combined, and wild yeast “levain” is used.

  • Green bean

    Green bean

    Baked with simple dough making full use of the flavor of flour, blended with sweetened green peas. It offers a slightly sweet and mild taste, with an appealing glutinous texture.

  • Walnut bread

    Walnut bread

    The rustic savory taste of walnut. We recommend you toast it slightly.